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Has your kitchen garbage disposal stopped turning on despite resetting the garbage disposal circuit breaker reset button? Does your garbage disposal turn on but make a humming noise then trips the disposals circuit breaker again? Are you noticing that your in sink garbage disposal is starting to leak underneath the sink? Has it started to take longer for your sink to drain after operating your food garbage disposal?

Kitchen garbage disposals are handy kitchen appliances, but when they break or need repair it becomes quickly difficult to dispose of food waste in a sanitary manner. If your kitchen garbage disposal is not functioning properly it can lead to clogged kitchen drains and clogged plumbing pipes in your home.

Help is just a phone call away; we can troubleshoot, diagnose and repair your garbage disposal at a reasonable rate.

Eventually garbage disposals wear out. In the event that it is truly time to replace your garbage disposal we offer many choices from the Insinkerator brand. If you’re ready for a new garbage disposal see our Products Tab and click on Garbage Disposals for product details and pricing.

Tim’s Quality Plumbing has been providing plumbing services for homeowners in Roseville, Mn for 30 years. We are a full service plumbing company and can provide plumbing repairs and or plumbing fixtures for your home plumbing project. Our plumbing repairs for Roseville include; drain cleaning, toilet repair, faucet installation, water heater troubleshooting and repair, hot water heater replacement, sewer and drain line cleaning, leaky pipe repair and more.

We know home plumbing problems are frustrating. Our customers appreciate both our fair plumbing service rates and our friendly, knowledgeable plumbers. We do your plumbing repair or plumbing job right the first time at a price that won’t break your household budget!


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